Digital Display Screen Enclosures

The Display Shield is a waterproof, dust, tamper, vandal and impact proof digital screen enclosure that is designed to encapsulate digital display screens for use at indoor or outdoor locations.

It is the most cost effective weatherproof display enclosure on the market for protecting signage investments in almost any environment. Utilising the Display Shield is a major money saver since waterproof outdoor digital display screens cost thousands of pounds more than conventional indoor, standard digital display screens. Rather than spending thousands of pounds on a special digital display screen, The Display Shield will keep any screen dry, clean, protected and secure. It is designed with outdoor plastics that can withstand cold weather, hot temperatures, long term direct sun exposure, wet weather and impact. The Display Shield is the perfect solution for digital signage in many different environments.

The Display Shields are currently installed in 12000 locations in 18 different countries and are in use by a wide and varied spectrum of business and industry including: restaurants and bars, schools and universities, theme parks, government buildings, supermarkets, offices, community centres, sports stadiums, fast food outlets and many more.

Available in four sizes to accommodate screens from 19 Inches up to 60 Inches size and available in both vertical and horizontal versions.

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Digital Display Screen Sizes

The Digital Display Shield comes in a variety of sizes




Digital Display Shield Enclosure Features

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Protects displays and TVs in any environment:

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Enclosure Accessories

The Display Shield offers a variety of accessories to suit any customer needs

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