Display Shield Horizontal for 50-60 Inch TV’s Outdoor TV Enclosure (Large Unit)

///Display Shield Horizontal for 50-60 Inch TV’s Outdoor TV Enclosure (Large Unit)

Display Shield Horizontal for 50-60 Inch TV’s Outdoor TV Enclosure (Large Unit)


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Indoor/Outdoor Digital Display and Digital Signage Enclosure:

The Display Shield is very cost effective water, dust, theft and impact resistant enclosure that is perfect for protecting any indoor or outdoor digital signage, display or TV. The Display Shield is the most cost effective solution for protecting TV’s digital signage, menu boards, or just protecting your investment in any environment.

The Display Shield is manufactured out of HMWPE (High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) which is a specific plastic made for outdoor usage and durability. The front panel of the unit is an industry leading 1/4inch thick ultra-clear polycarbonate which is perfect for direct viewing of your display and complete protection from flying object or tampering. The Display Shield uses a custom made security screw system that requires a specific tool to remove the front panel. This system makes our Display Shield completely tamper proof and gives you the highest in security for your display or TV. The Display Shield also has a built in filtered fan kit to keep the unit at the ideal temperature in hot environments.

The Display Shield has a semi permanently affixed front shield that is designed to stay closed at all times but does give you the ability to remove the front panel in the event of a mechanical failure of your equipment.

Applications of use:

Any 50-60″ horizontal Display or TV  Small Frame Displays *be sure to check measurements* Plasma Televisions LCD Televisions Flat Panel Displays LED Televisions

*Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV, or the planned TV, and compare to the inside dimensions listed on this page. The Display Shield will not be held responsible for orders placed for displays over the listed specifications of 50-60 inches, and although we will accept a return, there will be a 20{199a8464ba02bc9c8e0205f4570d4f399b42aecff81cda46ded6d6fb7e81b10d} restocking fee assessed, as well as the customer will be responsible for shipping and return shipping of the unit. If you plan to use The Display Shield outside of the recommended and listed specifications, please make sure it will work for you before you order. The Display Shield Patent Pending


INSIDE dimensions are: Width (1409) Height (895) Depth (104) (mm)

OUTSIDE dimensions are: Width (1503) Height (1000) Depth (170) (mm)

WEIGHT: 26.3kg


  • 1/4 Inch thick front polycarbonate shield “panel”
  • 1/4 Inch thick back housing, manufactured with outdoor plastics
  • Front panel is secured with custom security screws that require a specific tool to remove.
  • 36CFM, 115V filtered fan kit included
  • 2 vents to prevent heat build up
  • Entire unit sealed to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Rounded corners for child safety and safety in institutional environments
  • Light weight
  • Able to use any standard VESA mount.

Places you can use The Display Shield

  • Outdoor Venues: bars, restaurants, stadiums or any location where a digital display or advertising is required.
  • Facilities: hospitals, correctional institutions, airports, manufacturing plants,
  • Trade Shows
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Boats
  • Indoors: protect from flying objects,
  • Any business that wants to protect or secure a TV or Flat Panel display from tampering/theft
  • Any consumer that wants to protect or secure a TV or Flat Panel display from tampering/theft

The Display Shield is versatile product that can be used to protect your digital display or TV in a variety of places and environments.  Just use your imagination a bit and you’ll see that The Display Shield is the Ultimate in Indoor and Outdoor digital display Protection.

Data Sheet

TVS2003H 50-60

Installation Instructions

The Display Shield Manual

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