Display Shield Vertical Package (30-50″)

///Display Shield Vertical Package (30-50″)

Display Shield Vertical Package (30-50″)


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Display Shield Vertical Package (30-50″)

This fantastic package not only provides you with a saving but also includes everything you need to protect your Display Shield. This Ultimate Climate Package includes:

1 x Display Shield (Vertical) for 30-50″ TV

1 x The TV Shield Fan Heater with Thermostatic Control

1x Built-in Fan

1 x Moisture Control Gel Case

1 x TV Shield 8oz Cleaner/Polish Combo Kit with Polishing & Cleaning Pad.

Please not we currently do not supply the mount/bracket.  Any good electrical retailer will be able to help you with your purchase.  The Display Shield is compatible with any VESA type mount/bracket.  Please be mindful of the weight capacity as the bracket will need to hold the weight of the Shield and the television/digital display. 


TVS2005 Specifications:

INSIDE dimensions are : Width (1149) Height (704) Depth (120) (mm)

OUTSIDE dimensions are: Width (1247) Height (803) Depth (190) (mm)

WEIGHT: 15.4kg

Accessories Specification:


TVS10002 (Moisture Gel Case) Size: 102x51x13mm


TVS10004 (Cleaning Kit) Includes: Novus Cleaner, Novus Polish, Cleaning Pad


TVS10020 (Thermostatic Heater) Size: 125x73x36mm


  • 1/4 Inch thick front panel secured to casing with security rivets (cannot be unscrewed)
  • 1/4 Inch thick back housing, manufactured with outdoor plastics
  • 2 chambered and keyed locks
  • 2 vents to prevent heat build up
  • entire unit sealed to prevent moisture intrusion
  • rounded corners for child safety and safety in institutional environments
  • light weight

Places you can use The Display Shield

  • Outdoors: outdoor entertainment areas, decks, around your pool etc.
  • Outdoor Venues: bars, restaurants, stadiums
  • Facilities: hospitals, correctional institutions, airports
  • Trade Shows
  • Outdoor Displays
  • Boats
  • Indoors: protect from flying WII remotes, clumsy children etc.
  • Any business that wants to protect or secure a TV or Flat Panel display from tampering/theft
  • Any consumer that wants to protect or secure a TV or Flat Panel display from tampering/theft

The TV Shield is versatile product that can be used to protect your TV’s and LCD Screens in a variety of places and environments. Just use your imagination a bit and you’ll see that The TV Shield is the Ultimate in Indoor and Outdoor TV Protection.

Data Sheet

TVS2005V 30-50

TV Shield Accessories

Installation Instructions

The Display Shield Manual

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