TV Shield for 44-50 Inch TV’s Outdoor TV Enclosure with Anti-Glare Technology (Medium Unit)

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TV Shield for 44-50 Inch TV’s Outdoor TV Enclosure with Anti-Glare Technology (Medium Unit)


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The Display and TV Shield® is a universal PLASMA, LCD or LED TV enclosure that provides comprehensive water, dust, theft & tamper protection for most residential and commercial TVs and displays. These weatherproof TV enclosures preserve and protect the TV, and provide an ultra-clear view of the television or flat panel display. Weather-resistant, lightweight, durable, secure and affordable, The TV Shield was created and engineered for over two years to withstand hot summers and harsh rain in everything from tropical climates, to harsh cold climates (with heater). The unit is manufactured in the USA using a HMWPE High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene plastic case (an outdoor plastic built to last 20 years or more). The unit also features a guaranteed not to crack, thick, shatter-resistant front panel built out of ultra-clear grade Lexan® polycarbonate (the same material used in bullet proof glass, racecar and spacecraft windshields). The TV Shield is secured with two metal chambered and keyed locks which prevent theft, tampering and vandalism of your television.

Available on back-order

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The Ultimate Indoor and Outdoor TV Enclosure:

The TV Shield is a water, dust, and tamper proof LCD,LED,PLASMA TV enclosure that offers protection for TV’s from 40-50″. Providing the ultimate in protection for your TV, and includes a clear LEXAN plastic front panel that provides an optically clear view of your TV or flat panel display when closed, and when opened will give you a direct view of your TV or display.

The TV Shield is everything-proof and engineered to be weather resistant, light, durable, secure and affordable. Manufactured using a HMWPE High Molecular-weight Polyethylene plastic case (the same plastic used in outdoor slides) and the 1/4 inch thick shatter, scratch resistant front panel manufactured from LEXAN optically clear polycarbonate. The TV Shield is secured with 2 keyed locks which prevents theft and tampering of your Television.

Want to see The TV Shield in action. Check out our Youtube Videos below.

Applications of use:

Any 40-50 Inch TV or Display
46 Inch Small Frame TV’s *be sure to check measurements*
Plasma Televisions
LCD Televisions
Flat Panel Displays
LED Televisions *we suggest led*

Please measure the outside dimensions of your TV, or the planned TV, and compare to the inside dimensions listed on this page. The TV Shield will not be held responsible for orders placed for TV’s over the listed specifications of 30-42 Inch, and although we will accept a return, there will be a 20{199a8464ba02bc9c8e0205f4570d4f399b42aecff81cda46ded6d6fb7e81b10d} restocking fee assessed, as well as the customer will be responsible for shipping and return shipping of the unit. If you plan to use The TV Shield outside of the recommended and listed specifications, please make sure it will work for you before you order.

The TV Shield Patent Pending


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