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Television Screen Enclosures

The TV Shield is a waterproof, dust and tamper proof TV enclosure or casing that enables you to place any indoor standard TV inside for use in your outdoor living space.

This is a major money saver since waterproof outdoor TV’s cost thousands of pounds more than conventional indoor standard TV’s. The TV Shield solution also gives you the flexibility to use whatever TV size or make you like. Rather than spending thousands of pounds on a special waterproof TV, The TV Shield will keep any LCD or LED television dry, clean, protected and secure. It is designed with outdoor plastics that can withstand cold weather, hot temperatures, long term direct sun exposure, wet weather and flying objects.

Enjoy the luxury of watching outdoor Television with friends and family at a totally affordable price and turn your TV viewing into something a little bit special !

The TV Shield is also ideal for placing indoors at any location that requires a TV to be theft, tamper, vandal and accidental damage proof. The units are shatter and scratch resistant with not one but two locks securing the TV inside the casing. This makes the units ideal for restaurants and bars, stadiums, hospitals, hotels and many other locations where theft and damage of the TV may be an issue.

Available in four different sizes to accommodate TV’s from 19 Inches up to 60 Inches in size.

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Television Screen Enclosures

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